Fitness Advantage – a refreshing approach to fitness training that is safe and effective.

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Why Fitness Advantage? We have the most comprehensive and best studio fitness packages available anywhere. We provide focused, personalized training programs in a state-of-the-art facility. Our programs eliminate wait time and the general LACK of RESULTS associated with conventional health clubs. Plus, we are the most proud of the people who are here to serve you. Our trainers greet you with a smile, expertly train you, and enthusiastically teach you. We are dedicated to making your fitness experience an exceptional one.

Get a Program Designed Specifically for You!

You are assessed with our Exclusive Fitness Advantage Assessment. Your health history, Anthropometrics, Aerobic Capacity, your goals and more are assessed and, from that information, we create a custom program designed to help you reach your fat loss and fitness goals safely. More details>>

Don’t Be Fooled by Low Monthly Memberships!

Most gyms lure you in with a limited low monthly membership fee and then try to sell you expensive training and services after you have joined. With no motivation or knowledge of how to work-out you never exercise, you see no results and all that money is blown. Add up all the extra fees that we do not charge and you will discover that we offer a tremendous value, plus you will make positive changes to your health and fitness level. More details>>

Our Members Get Results and Have Fun!

No more trying all the newest fad diets that get you no results. No more of the same intense exercise routines and nothing to show for it but injuries. We do things differently at Fitness Advantage. No Injuries, Just Results!